Visualizing Your Year Ahead

Visualizing Your Year Ahead

Visualizing Your Year Ahead

Happy New Year 2019, I hope you’ve had a nice Christmas and New Year break, and ready to make 2019 even a better year for you.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably need a few weeks to recover from the holiday. Especially deciding what to do about those additional body mass that you accumulated over a few days. So instead of talking about business, let’s talk about something light and suited for the New Year.

By now, if you’re like me, you’re probably already start thinking about what you’re going to do throughout this year, from January through to December. I learn over the years that listing down goals, doesn’t really work for me. Instead, something I’ve been doing for the last few years now, is to get visual with my so called “resolution”.

You see, 65% of the populations are visual learners. While writing down what you want to do this year is better just simply thinking about it, getting visual will help you even more.

My aim at the beginning of every year, is not to see how much of my list I can tick off by the end of the year, instead, I focus on gaining as much ground as possible with my “goals” compared to last year. Let me give you an example.

When I started building the E-Learning site, Accolade Business Academy, I didn’t finish it overnight, or in a month, or even in a year.

It took me almost 2 years before it is what I call “public worthy”. Even now after its launch, I’m still constantly adding features that would bring even more values to the course participants.

In all those years, I never got overly frustrated with the whole progress. I mean, stress in work or business is acceptable, but never really lose hope.

Part of the reason is that as time goes by, I know I was nowhere near the same as to the point where I started. I’ve made progress.

Thing with progress is, if we keep doing it, you will see that you don’t really go at the same speed. In my case, as I was doing it, I’ve actually seen acceleration in the process until the site ultimately launched last year.

As time goes by, it becomes faster and easier when doing things in the project.

Out of 3 of my desired targets from last year, only 1 didn’t get as far as I expected. This is though, due to the other 2 progressed far beyond I expected that I have the ability to achieve within a year.

My point is simply this: don’t under estimate the power of your “New Year” resolution. But your life is not a computer program where you can list all that you have achieved by the end of the year.

Getting visual really helps me to always remembers my priorities when getting through the year. So much so that many people in my network think I went “underground” because I have been missing events (many people know, I hardly miss any networking events in previous years).

Having the ability to quantify the success of your resolution also makes a big difference in how you get through the year. Prioritisation becomes easier.

We need to also be aware of the price that we have to pay for us to achieve the goals we set. Very little emphasis is made on the price. But with every success, there is a price. The size of our success is only as big as the size of the price we are willing to pay.

Just remember, relationship with your family is NOT the price you should be willing to consider. If you do, just be prepared that the cost will go beyond just a broken home and broken family.

Whatever business decision I’m making this year, I need to always keep my wife and my children in mind. Of course, there will be days where I leave home before my family even wake up and come back after they go to bed. This kind of things in business are often unavoidable. But I do always keep in mind not to make this a habit, or even, a lifestyle.

Family is important. So does your health, your faith and something that not many people pay attention to is, your need to relax and just rest.

My hope is not only that this article will inspire you to plan well for this year, but also to remind me what I have promised myself and family to do.

But first, before kick starting all those plans, I need to make plan how to lose those kilos I gained the last few days.

Oh, well.

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