Podcast Ep. 009 – International Trading, Lawrence Christofelsz, Australian Trade and Logistics Corporation

This has been one of the long-awaited episodes in this podcast channel.

Lawrence Christoffelsz, CEO of the Australian Trade and Logistics Corporation is a long-time friend and also a well-known name within the Australian supply chain industry.

In this episode, Lawrence discusses the importance of international trading and why every business should explore doing business internationally, whether small or large.

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Emmanuel 12 August 2019 0 Comments

Strategy Q&A: Facebook Ads “Carpet Bomb” Strategy with Jamie G.

In this Strategy Q&A webinar, Emmanuel discussed with Jamie G a particular Facebook Ads strategy known as “Carpet Bombing”.

This strategy involves doing an initial ad campaign with the aim to create an audience profile, which then used in a second, more targetted ad campaign with the intention to generate leads.

Post your questions in the comment section below.

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Emmanuel 7 August 2019 0 Comments