Strategy Q&A: Strategic Planning using Blue Ocean Strategy with Emmanuel Setyawan and Andrew Nelson

Strategic planning is not always in the mind of every company. But with the world is experiencing “slowbalization”, can any company afford not to have a strategy? In this video premiere, Emmanuel Setyawan, Managing Director of Accolade Coaching sat down with Andrew Nelson, Managing Director of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia and discuss one of the tools both use to help client map growth opportunities: the strategy canvas.

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Emmanuel 19 September 2019 0 Comments

Podcast Ep. 010 – TOPIC: The Case for Innovation, Ben Watson, Omron

Many companies neglected the need for innovation in their organisations because of the cost involved. In this episode, Ben Watson from Omron takes a different perspective of seeing the cost element of innovation and what is the real cost of “not” innovating.

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Emmanuel 12 September 2019 0 Comments